The PrimeLab

The app

Apps for various applications, including photometer devices are very fashionable.
But not every app is the same.
The PrimeLab app is probably the most powerful and complete photometer tool
in its field.

Through wireless connection to PrimeLab photometer you can:

• Create accounts (measurement sources)
• Confirm GPS coordinates
• Synchronize measurements and remotely
   controlled measurements

• Calculate indices such as the Langelier

• Display measured journals and send them
   via PDF or Excel file

• Test and set parameters and add new
   parameters by entering a code to make
   the PrimeLab more comprehensive

• Input your own water chemicals to create
   dosing recommendations

• Free Cloud storage system

... is available and, when activated, can be consulted so that the measurement results automatically synchronize to and from any Android based system.

Users such as public swimming pools, building service engineers, shipping companies, health departments, water companies and many others can view the field test results from their location at any time and immediately after the measurement.

The app is currently available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese for download.

In the PrimeLab itself, in the software "PrimeLab Desktop Assistant" and in the app, test results are assigned to "accounts". Accounts can be set so that different locations of a public bath e.g. trainer pool, splash pool etc. have their results assigned to them.

Building service engineers would assign boiler 1, boiler 2 etc. so that they can track and report their results. An account always defines the measurement source. At the start of the measurement on the PrimeLab, whether directly or through the app or the software firstly an "Account" will be requested where the measurement is to be saved.
These accounts can be created in the app,
as well the PC software.

In the app, it is also possible to store a card module; the GPS coordinates for each account. If the account data measuring the volume of the source (e.g. 50m³ pool) is entered, this information is used for the calculation of dosing recommendations.

Click on an account to view the measurement results. These originate either from automatic synchronization with the PrimeLab when measurements were made with this without using the app as a remote control or by remote-controlled measurement of PrimeLab using the app or PC desktop assistant.
The measurement results are set according to accounts and in chronological order. This can be filtered (date, parameters) and exported as an Excel file or as a PDF.

Also, the calculation factor can be triggered in this menu, an LSI (Langelier Saturation Index) and RSI (Rysnar Stability Index).
Test parameters not generated by the PrimeLab but necessary for the calculation
of the indices values, such as temperature, conductivity, flow rate, etc. can be entered manually into the App and the desktop assistant software.

Click on "Dos Rec” In the result detail view,
the user is prompted for the target value and receives on the basis of the measured value associated with the amount of water (stored under the relevant account) and the individual “Setup” stored water treatment chemicals,
a dosing recommendation to the water parameters to set ideal conditions for your water based on the chemicals you use.

Remote control

The PrimeLab connects with the app in seconds and can be controlled remotely from then.
The small monochrome display PrimeLab is then replaced by the large, colour touch-screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Select Account, select parameters and start measurement.

As displayed on the PrimeLab in offline mode, the individual test sequences are shown step by step in the app and the PC software. At the end of the result, which was measured immediately below the account that appears is stored and, if the cloud was activated, is also available online.

Water treatment chemicals

As mentioned under "results", the app, and
PC software allows the user to give dosage recommendations based on their own individually stored water treatment products.
It must be inserted once so that you can use your own water treatment chemicals in the
app / PC software that will then be available
for calculation of dosing recommendations.

Enabling additional parameters

As in the software the user can unlock additional parameters even after the acquisition of the PrimeLab in the app.
This also applies to parameters that are developed first after the equipment is purchased from us, for app, as well as PC software, the parameter list are constantly updating and thus always offer the latest version parameter.

Just click on the parameter and then click "Activate" button, a (chargeable) 8-digit code and seconds later the parameter is available
on the PrimeLab.


The data stored in the PrimeLab cloud (accounts, measurement results, permissions for other users) can be managed comfortably via the Web module. Here you can view all synchronized measurements, print, modify or add new ones, give users permission to access your data and revoke and display measurement results graphically.

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