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Photometer devices are unfortunately not as common as washing machines and televi-sions where a dedicated 7/24 hotline can be budgeted and operated.
We also hope that the PrimeLab gives little reason to seek help.
Nevertheless, we will try to answer your support request in the shortest time.

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For our registered users we even provide a hotline where your request will be recorded and forwarded to a specialist.
With the form below you can also tell us your request in writing. We will take care of it and get back to you ASAP.

Support Request

Select the subject area which your support request concerns
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  • PrimeLab
    • Cover / packaging
    • Display
    • Keyboard
    • Battery compartment
    • Operation
    • Firewall
    • Update
    • Calibration
    • Setup
    • Miscellaneous
  • Software „PrimeLab Desktop Assistant“
    • Installation
    • Bluetooth
    • Enabling parameters
    • Account database
    • Chemicals database
    • Remote Control



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