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Adapter for PTSA / Turbidity / Fluoresceine measurement

Some test procedures, such as Turbidity (NTU), PTSA and Fluorescein, require scattered rather than direct light (LED -> sensor). To achive this and to still use all functionality of your PrimeLab, e.g. Bluetooth® connectivity, use of software, app and cloud services etc., an adapter is used which shines your water sample from above, enabling the PrimeLab to measure using scattered light (90° angle between adapter and sensor). The adapter comes in a black carrying case with professional lab-pipette, all neccessary calibration-solutions, batteries and a glass vial. Adapter and PrimeLab communicate by light. You do not even need to switch on the adapter. It will be auto-detected.

PrimeLab Turbidity-Adapter

If turbidity should be measured in low ranges (below 20 NTU) the nephelometric method in which the LED does not shine directly through the water sample to the sensor (as in FAU), but at a 90┬░ angle, is used. This process can be recognized by the suffix "NTU" / "FTU" or "FNU" as the measured value. More information on the nephelometric principle can be found in DIN EN ISO 7027. The PrimeLab-Turbidity-Adapter is based on secondary standards, verified against formazine international turbidity standard) standards and uses a white-light source.

PrimeLab PTSA-Adapter

PTSA (1,3,6,8-pyrenetetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt) is a stable fluorescent tracer dye that emits wavelengths between 400 and 500 nm when irradiated with UV light. It provides an excellent choice for the active on-line monitoring of cooling water treatment when a fixed known amount is added to the inhibitor being dosed. Once added to the water circulation system it is stable over time, does not react easily with other substances and is environmentally safe. The PrimeLab-PTSA-Adapter uses a UV-light source.

PrimeLab Fluorescein-Adapter

Fluorescein is a stable fluorescent tracer dye that emits green light with wavelengths between 520 and 530 nm upon excitation with blue light with a maximum absorption at 495 nm. It provides an accurate, cost effective method for monitoring industrial boiler applications when a fixed known amount is added to dosage program. Once added to the water circulation system it is stable over time and is environmentally safe when dosed at the concentrations required for boiler water analysis.

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